For anyone who has gotten lost in music, you can understand how the Native American Style Flute (NASF) has become such an important part of my life.  I was first introduced to the NASF in 1995 while healing from a spinal cord injury. I enjoyed playing and began to regain use of my right arm.  Shortly after this time, I unexpectedly quit playing and the flute was relegated to being wrapped up and stored in an old moving box.  A few years later, this preciously wrapped flute began calling my name and I decided that it was time to acknowledge my connection to this magical instrument.  As I began playing, the notes gave new birth to the joys I had experienced playing before.  It was then that I realized that I was hooked.  Soon after, I purchased a new flute in concert tuning.  The sound was much more delightful to my ear.  Then came another and another… A story in which many Native American Style Flute players and enthusiasts can attest!

Improvisation of my good friend, Terry Coggins, on piano and me on sub-bass NASF.


Drone flute in F# by Russ Venable

Flute in A by
Randy Stenzel

Improvisation on Aeolian tuned flute by Lee Entrekin of Dreamwind Flutes

Out of respect for the Native American peoples, the term Native American Style is used as many flute makers and players represented here are not Native Americans.

Flute Makers:
Jon Norris Music & Arts
Jonny Lipford
Mark Holland
Jeff Ball
Scott August
Painted Raven
Mary Youngblood
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