Metal Tongue Drums

Known also as Steel Tongue Drum, Hank Drum, and Tank Drum.



The Zagdrum is a beautifully meditative metal tongue drum made in France.



The Idiopan is made in the United States by Bret Hutchinson.  You can listen to more Idiopans in action at their YouTube page.


Gank Mini

The Gank Mini is a small metal tongue drum made in Japan by Ganko.  It is higher pitched than most others and has a dreamy sound.  I greatly enjoy playing this and find it to bring a smile to many faces.  Ganko can be contacted through his YouTube page as linked here.  My instrument is in G Yosen Tuning.

The song you will hear is titled “Hope for Tomorrow”, which I wrote in response to the April 2011 earthquake and tsunami.  It can be purchased from Amazon alone or as a charity album to benefit the disaster victims.  Thank you in advance for your support!


Xplosive Percussion

This tongue drum is in the beautiful Aegean scale.  The Xplosive Psercussion is made from gas tanks that have never contained propane.  Be sure to check out their YouTube to see the variety of tunings and graphics offered.  I will provide a sound sample soon!


Zen Tambour

A beautiful steel tongue drum created by Steve “Spike” Finch. The Zen Tambour is not only beautiful sounding, but also a true piece of art. The song you will hear is titled “Reflections”. Tuning in D Akebono.