Halo and Double Bass

Recently I had the pleasure of jamming with a truly talented double bassist, Lloyd Goldstein.  Lloyd uses his talents not only as a performer and recording artist, but also as a Certified Music Practitioner.  I can only imagine the effects his soulful playing has on the ill in a hospital setting.  Beautiful!


This first audio recording is of us playing around, figuring out how the instruments match and just enjoying the musical conversation.  At the 4:00 mark you will hear Lloyd begin to play his arrangement of Imagine by John Lennon.  Magical how this fits so well with this particular handpan – Halo in Silverado 8 tuning.  I was wrapped up in the moment and did not recognize this piece when it was introduced.  I did take a pause because I sensed as familiar, but didn’t want to leave where I was in the music mentally to figure it out.  I particularly love the night sounds of crickets accompanying us!

Lloyd and Robin – Improvisation by Robin Burk


This next audio recording is Lloyd playing his arrangement of Imagine and me improvising around the themes.  This truly is a beautiful arrangement and worked well with my playing style.  We did perform this piece at the beginning of the MHTP Conference closing session.  It was much mellower than we played the night before and quite touching.

Imagine by Robin Burk


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