Steel Pan played by hand.  This is not a drum, as commonly referred.  Instead this is more closely related to the idiophone.  For an in-depth discussion, check out “Why it’s not a drum“.

I first heard the Hang in 2007 at Musical Echoes festival in Ft Walton, FL.  The beautiful steel voice paired well with the wooden flutes that I played.  Over the next two years, I found more Hang music with and without flute.  As I listened, I yearned to experience this magic for myself.  I dreamt to touch the steel in such a way that would create beauty.  It was then that I learned this search would be unlike any journey I had begun before.

After two years of searching and learning about the process, I found an opportunity to obtain my first handpan.  This came to me in the form of the SPB from St Petersburg Russia.  It has an incredibly deep feel that I have not found in any other handpan.  Finally, I was able to experience what my heart had yearned for so long.  And for that, I am truly grateful!


Improvisation with free improv jazz band The Undoctored Originals:



Gaia – Dave’s Island Instruments

The Gaia from Dave’s Island Instruments is my most recent model and quite lovely in it’s own right.  Made in California by David Beery.



Halo – Pantheon Steel

This handpan is made in the United States by Kyle Cox and Jim Dustin. For more information on the Halo by Pantheon Steel , visit the Halo House forum at HandPan.org.




This handpan is made in Russia by Victor Levinson.
To obtain up to date information about wait list and how to contact Victor, please visit the SPB House at Handpan.org.

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