Other Instruments

A selection of other instruments that I enjoy.


Thumb Piano

Thumb Piano is a generic term often used for this African llamelaphone.  Each style is unique and named by the African region in which it originates.  Common are Kalimba and Mbira.

This particular instrument that I play in the video is made by Eddie Osbourne of Ancestral Memory.  I have two thumb pianos from Eddie and consider them among the best that I have played.


This kalimba is beautifully crafted by Colorado Soundscapes.  They have a variety of kalimbas available in the popular handpan scales.  This one, the 15 Note Electric Lamellae, is so incredibly beautiful with fuller resonance and lingering notes.


Kamele N’goni

The Ngoni originates from West Affrica.  This particular style, kamele ngoni, is similar to a Kora.  It is a plucked instrument that translates well in rhythmic style of play.  This model crafted by Jon Norris.


Reverie Harp

The Reverie Harp is available as a kit or fully assembled by the wonderful folks at Music Makers.  This is a beautiful stringed instrument that is very similar to a lap harp but tuned in pentatonic scales, thus no wrong notes.  It simply is a joy to play!


The Kantele is a zither like instrument from Finland.  I tuned mine to match the tuning of my Kurd 9 SPB handpan that I picked up in Russia.  It is nice to be able to play along with someone on the Kurd 9.  This one was made by the wonderful folks at Music Makers.


Shruti Box

The Shruti Box is a reed instrument that is powered by billows, similar to a harmonium.  The tone is changed by moving levers over the reeds, only keeping open the notes you wish to hear.  I have the M1 model in the key of C that is available at ShrutiBox.com.  This is a very nice sounding shruti with solid construction.  It pairs nicely with several of my instruments – flutes, handpan, and strings!  Connect with Ron Kravitz and order yours today!

Here is a video of Ron comparing the different makes of shruti that he offers.