December Events 2011

I had a busy December.  Besides preparing for the holidays, I had two exciting performances.

The first was at Track 29 with tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt on 17 December 2011.  What an experience!  I played flute, wind whistle, and bird whistle to the beginning of Dolfincrystalz.  Always a great way to start the show!  The SPB handpan was featured at the beginning of a great new song, Cetaceans.  Track 29 is an awesome venue.  Great staff and sound engineers.  Great stage/lights… the works!  I always have fun playing with this energetic group.

Getting to Zero: A Midwinter Night of Music, Poetry, and Candles
I was honored to be asked to perform at this event.  This year’s World Aids Day was part celebration and part remembrance.  Many talented folks were there to support and perform.  Also heard from local organizations and businesses about what they do to help fight AIDS and support those living with HIV.  If you have any questions, I will gladly direct you to the right organizations!


I do hope that everyone had a great holiday season.
May 2012 be a great year all around!


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